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The restoration and conservation of natural grass is a very tedious and expensive task. Synthetic grass requires no maintenance, and so does not require watering or fertilizer, pesticides or other harmful chemicals health. This provides a safe and healthy environment for children and pets.


The synthetic grass is safe for everyone. The sand is placed on the surface of the lawn is introduced from Egypt and so clean used for water filtration. The composition of the grass yarn is made from polyethylene latest technology that makes it so soft that it is recommended for playgrounds.


Synthetic grass is available in various colors and is produced to provide the look and feel of any natural grass. There are different types available, covering every taste.


Natural grass is probably cheaper than synthetic grass in placement. But in the long run, synthetic grass has a much lower cost than natural as the latter implies a process of branching of hoses, electronic tables for automatic watering seeds of grass, watering the grass, fertilizers, pesticides and time for mowing. Generally requires a lot of maintenance and rarely has the perfect look of the synthetic grass. The cost of synthetic grass, which needs no maintenance or some other extra work, it is ultimately a much lower maintenance costs with natural grass.


In many countries such as Cyprus, there is acute shortage of water resources. Given the drought, or the owners of gardens and football pitches and tennis may incur large costs, both in time and money to maintain and preserve their outdoor spaces. Synthetic grass requires no watering and stays green, regardless of the weather, temperature or other environmental conditions.

Synthetic versus Natural

Does it make sense to invest in synthetic grass over natural grass? If you think about it, the answer is YES. Water usage and costs involved is a key concern for the relevant municipalities and consumers.

Synthetic grass does not need watering or fertilizer, therefore its use helps in reducing costs and saving water resources. Moreover, synthetic grass avoids mud in winter from the rain, and your garden will not be filled with insects and germs. It is a green permanent solution to your problem in the maintenance of natural grass.

Advantages of using Synthetic Grass

The synthetic grass is the best solution when the environment, is particularly hostile to natural grass. For example, a barren environment or in an environment where there is little natural light.

The synthetic grass can withstand much more than the use of natural grass. Also in the sports ground allows owners to generate more income from their facilities.

Another advantage is ideal for holiday homes where maintenance of lawns is not practical. Is also a solution for elderly homeowners who find the upkeep of lawns too much hard work.

Suitable for gardens and pool surroundings.

Synthetic grass does not turn into mud.

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